AnHedone - Massquerade

Accordion Content

Fervent desire Delusive veil of opulence Flesh-eating snobs Hailing the flag of morality


But who is to be King On a throne of manure For there is no pride In entourage swines


Servile Docile Portrait of Sisyphus


You won’t call thy name But serve the venom of god Yours is the unctuous cult of Sappho


Nosce te ipsum Temet nosce


For oaths were sworn At shores of Styx twice born The three-headed god will claim Tribute of ash onece more


And thou shalt hast no return For thou shalt be cast to Gehenna


Poisonous the chants of sirens Cult of sharp tongues and feeble blades Brontios shatters The effigy in the agora Vigorous declension Mimicry of axioms